Terms of Use

The main purpose of this site is to present my work that I hope you will enjoy. If you would like to use my pictures for personal purposes then please feel free to print or download them according to the following terms.

Copyright notice

All photographs and text appearing on this site are the exclusive intellectual property of Zoltan Kato. No images are within the Public Domain, and no image use is permitted without the written prior authorisation of the copyright owner.

Free personal use

I provide images with a free personal use licence which doesn't require any further registration in the following cases: You are also encouraged to link to any of the html files of this site but a direct link to an image is considered an image use which must comply the above conditions.

Commercial use

Anything else is considered commercial use and you must contact me (kato@cs.ust.hk) before using my images. Please understand that producing the pictures you see on this site requires a lot of effort and a considerable amount of money. Therefore it is vital for me, as a photographer, that you respect my copyright. You should also pay me if you earn money (directly or indirectly) by using my images.
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